Your January Food Events Calendar

Your January Food Events Calendar

Oh lord, it’s January. Again. You know what that means–a sudden increase in gym-goers, constant bemoaning about hangovers from New Year’s Eve parties, and of course, a plethora of resolutions to eat better, work out more, be nicer…you know, the usual. This year, take it easy on yourself and instead of making and breaking promises, pursue your interest in food by learning about how it’s created and the art behind the craft of cooking. That way, when you’re sampling all of those foods you swore off, you can counter the guilt by knowing that you’re educating yourself and becoming more knowledgeable with every bite.

January 9: Bread and Booze–New York, NY

I’m sorry, bread and booze, you say? Everyone’s two favorite “b” foods…that also happen to be free? Yes! Keep the New Year’s celebrations going by attending the free bread and booze launch party at Parkside Lounge, a carb-filled wonderland with some matchmaking thrown in for the singletons. Not only is the bread free, it’s being baked with just about everyone in mind. There will be a variety of breads for those on special diets, including gluten-free, nut-free, and sugar-free. For more information, visit the event page here.

January 13: Andrew Zimmern Pop-Up at Royal/T–Los Angeles, CA

Luckily for those who both live in Los Angeles and are religious followers of the famous TV show, Bizarre Foods America, your chance to be a part of the show is finally here! Not only will you taste a carefully crafted menu by Zimmern himself, filming for the show will be conducted during the entire event. The five-course menu will take you on a mini culinary adventure, with featured foods including goat chuchules and lamb tongues. Finally, the chance to test drive Zimmern’s everyday job has arrived! Get your keys to Bizarre Foods America here.

January 13-16th: Napa Truffle Festival–San Francisco, CA

If you weren’t already intrigued by the words “Truffle Festival” then perhaps events included in this San Francisco treat–such as the winery tour, wine and truffle tasting, and cooking demos–may pique your interest. The second annual Truffle Festival comes to Napa with an ambitious three day schedule, all packed with truffle-themed events. The American Truffle Company brings together two sides of the truffles by bringing truffle scientists (can I have this job?) and truffle chefs to give attendees a full truffle experience (truffle!). Purchase your tickets here.

January 19th: Food on the Dole Winter Market Salon–Chicago, IL

Stuck in a cooking rut after the food-filled Utopia that was December? Attend the Winter Market Salon, hosted by Food on the Dole, a community-based organization focused on hosting food salons. There, you’ll join a group interested in gaining a deeper understanding of food–not only how to cook it, but why it’s so important in a society. At this particular salon, attendees will meet at the market, pick seasonal groceries, and then cook a hearty winter meal together. Even better, it is always BYOB! More information is located here.

January 16th-22nd: Boston Wine Expo–Boston, MA

You know how they say that the best cure for a hangover is more alcohol? Well, the Boston Wine Expo is the perfect place to cure that raging (and probably lingering) New Year’s Eve-induced headache. The week-long festival is jam-packed with events celebrating the fascinating worlds of wine, food and culture. Couple those food and adult grape juice samples with various seminars on topics ranging from “Pairing Food with Wine” to “40 Years of Wine Growing.” Wine, food, and education—what more can you ask for? Get closer to becoming a sommelier by purchasing your tickets here.

Photos by GFPeck, Molly Elliot, Stefano Beruschi, and The Boston Wine Expo.