Red Carpet-Worthy Munchies

Red Carpet-Worthy Munchies

The first movie I remember seeing in a theater was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. I know this sounds crazy, but it was indeed re-released in theaters in 1987. I remember how exciting it was to sit in that dark theater, with the giant screen and that big tub of popcorn; feeling so tiny in those seats, and in awe from the first flicker on screen to the credits. Going to the movies has always been exciting for me; even now I’ll often go by myself (mostly so I don’t have to share popcorn and can pick any movie I want).

We are quickly approaching the biggest night honoring movies, and although the Oscars have been under fire for a few years, losing ratings and being referred to as “a farce,” I still get excited for the movie magic. The awards bring to light movies I’ve never heard of and become excited to see, while also reminding me of wonderful movies I’ve already seen and loved.

So when my editor suggested a column mashing two of my favorite things — food and movies — together, I couldn’t be more excited! The plan is to create pairings between food and the movies nominated for best picture. Pick a few to make while watching the awards show, or when viewing any of the following. Exciting, no?

The Artist
All I have to say is “HELLO Jean Dujardin.” That man could read the phone book to me, and as long as he had one eyebrow cocked, I’d be putty in his hands. I have to keep reminding myself that although this movie is French, it takes place in late ‘20s Hollywood, and is all glamour and glitz. I’d pair this movie with classic black and white cookies and a prohibition-era cocktail. For a vintage Hollywood feel, try a Brown Derby cobb salad.

The Descendants
This Clooney-driven family drama set against the lush backdrop of Hawaii practically begs for kalua pork with two scoops of rice, and mac salad. Too impatient to wait the potential 20 hours for that pork to become shreddable? Get behind some equally delicious ahi tuna poke, served with a refreshing tiki cocktail.

Midnight in Paris
Be still my nostalgic heart. The scenes in both present day and roaring ‘20s Paris are a delight; Marion Cotillard is gorgeous as Adriana and Corey Stoll is a properly dashing Hemingway. I want a lit cigarette, a champagne cocktail, and countless finger foods to help soak up all the bathtub gin. On the menu could be stuffed eggs, crab stuffed mushrooms, shrimp toasts, caviar-topped blinis, and possibly some Alice B. Toklas brownies.

Tree of Life
This film is on my to-watch list, and from what I can tell it’s a real head-scratcher. What I do know for sure is much of the film is set in Texas. The best thing about Texas cuisine? The variety! There’s Frito pie, bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapenos, beef brisket, kolach, and chicken fried steak to choose from.

For this number-crunching flick, I say we stay on the baseball end of things. I have no idea what to pair with sabermetrics. This could mean setting up your own hot dog bar, creating your own cracker jacks, and making sure there is plenty of craft beer available to wash down those peanuts.

The Help
To help reel in the range of emotions felt in this Southern drama, I think we stay with comfort food. Slow cook some collards, get some Mississippi catfish or fried chicken. Don’t forget the mud pie (hold the secret ingredient).

War Horse
I’ll admit I haven’t seen this film, only a strange parody on SNL that has left me slightly confused. I do know that the movie is based on a book, it takes place during World War I, and there is somehow a turnip field involved. I’m suggesting turnips either glazed or caramelized, with a nice Welsh rarebit.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Another intense drama on the list, with serious subject matter. Drawing from the fact that Oskar, the main character is a vegan in the book, I would pair this with a vegan feast. Check out these 15 vegan dinner ideas.

An orphan boy, the streets of Paris, inventions galore; this movie needs a great bottle of red, a cheese plate, perfectly puffed gougeres, and butter-poached radishes.

Last but not least, don’t forget the popcorn (air popped or DIY microwaved) or the most literal translation meal of the night, filet Oscar.

Which film do you hope wins best picture?

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