Poor Taste Holiday Gift Guide 2012: 15 under $50

Poor Taste Holiday Gift Guide 2012: 15 under $50

‘Tis the season for many things, not least of which is (drum roll please…):

List compilation!

Not to be shut out of the game of curating assorted things-you-can-buy and arranging them in numerical order, we’ve put together a short stack of re-gift repellent presents for the food enthusiasts close to your heart. Save yourself the time scanning SkyMall, put down the melon baller, and let us help with the shopping.

1. Happy Girl Kitchen Lil’ of Each

It’s a well-known fact that baskets of fruit simply can’t compete with home-baked holiday treats. Pick your battles, and try telling coworkers and clients you care with something that will stand a fighting chance of lasting until the cookie onslaught has passed.

2. Seed Bombs

Johnny Appleseed has nothing on seed bombs. Let your gift-ee easily plant a backyard or reclaim an abandoned lot with edibles and other greenery.

3. Vinturi Wine Aerator

Instant aerators are kind of like two glasses of wine. They make good wine taste great, and bad wine taste… wait, what’s ‘bad wine’?

4. Big Paw Olive Oils and Vinegars

Big Paw makes olive oils and vinegars so good they don’t need a witty tagline. Go traditional or go with infused, ‘cuz you can’t really go wrong.

5. Sourdough Starter

Expand the arsenal of the baker on your list with one of the many varieties of established sourdough starter. (PSSST! There’s even a rice flour version for the Gluten-free!)

6. Silicone Lids

Tell your foodie friend to say goodbye to plastic wrap. These nifty lids turn pretty much any vessel with a rim into a resealable storage container. Neat!

7. Eatwell Farm’s Salt Blends

Eatwell Farm turns Grey Sea Salt into a variety of subtle and versatile utility condiments that are great for vegans, carnivores, and pretty much anyone in between. Move over, pepper.

8. Mushroom Garden

Does your foodie have running water? Pick up one of these mushroom gardens for them, and they’ll have all they need to grow gourmet mushrooms in their apartment.

9. Mr. Boston’s Official Bartender’s Guide

Over 1400 drink recipes and 70 years of mixology wisdom makes Mr. Boston a more-than-welcome guest on bar and bookshelf. Note: no relation to that guy from those reality shows.

10. Cocoa and Honey Handmade Chocolate

It’s pretty hard to screw up with chocolate. It’s even harder when it looks like this.

11. Brooklyn Brew Kit

Got a pal who’s into beer? At one gallon and around $40, these kits are small enough to fit in an apartment, and a good way to test the waters before taking the five- or six-gallon plunge.

12. Immersion Blender

Need a gift for a soup or sauce enthusiast? Save them the sloshing of hot liquid to and from a normal blender with this magic wand.

13. Organic Seeds of the Month Club

For the home-grower, seeds arriving in the mail when they should go in the ground makes seasonal planting about as easy as opening an envelope.

14. Urban Cheesecraft DIY Cheese Kit

If you’re buying for a real Urban Homesteader, increase the probability of eating fresh mozzarella the next time you visit them with this little package.

15. On Food and Cooking

No self-respecting food consumer’s library is complete without this exhaustive and authoritative tome on the history of and science behind just about every food, ever.

Header photo by J.D. Thomas via The Scientific American. Product photos via relative websites.