Pizza in Chicago, Gluten-Free Style!

Pizza in Chicago, Gluten-Free Style!

Chicago is famous for its pizzas. But when you are on a gluten-free diet, it is hard to find a decent piece of pie. Sure, there is always the freezer aisle at Whole Foods, but nothing quite beats a pizza fresh out of the oven. Fortunately, I’ve found three places in the city that make a good pizza without wheat. Next time you are looking for a place that will deliver gluten-free options, check out the options below.

Chicago’s Pizza
One of the best-known pizza places in the city, Chicago’s Pizza offers a gluten-free option at its Lincoln and Montrose locations as well as via online ordering. You have your choice of crust style, size, and toppings from the regular menu. Aside from the pizza though, the menu does not specify any other gluten-free items. The crust is average, and it tends to be much saltier than its wheat-based counterpart. For those who like deep-dish pizzas, the stuffed crust pizza holds a decent amount of cheese but it tastes more like lasagna than pizza. But note, Chicago’s Pizza delivers until 5 a.m.and people tend to be a lot less picky when getting delivery just before the sun rises.

Marcello’s A Father and Son Restaurant
Established in 1947, Marcello’s offers gluten-free food for delivery and dine-in at all three of its locations. Aside from a 12” thin crust pizza and an 8” pan crust pizza with your choice of toppings, the gluten-free menu also includes pastas, salads, a brownie pizza, and Redbridge beer. The crust is as good as any wheat-based equivalent, but it does not reheat well. Leftover pizzas tend to dry out and harden by the next day. The brownie pizza makes for a decent dessert, but it is rather powdery and could use more chocolate according to this chocolate lover.

With a focus on using as many organic ingredients as possible, Mista is the only place in the city that offers gluten-free and lactose-free vegan cheese pizzas. There are 13 topping combinations which range from the traditional — like cheese and pepperoni — to more unusual choices like Chicken Potle, a combination of roasted chicken, prosciutto, spicy sauce, provolone, and cilantro. The gluten-free pizza crust is only available in a 10” size, which is just right for one person. As someone who prefers thin crusts, Mista offers my favorite choice in Chicago. The crust is paper thin but still provides a good, chewy texture. However, all three locations run out of gluten-free crust quite frequently and they don’t accept reservations. Beyond pizza, Mista offers gluten-free wraps and gluten-free vegetable lasagna. Online ordering is coming soon, but the online menu does not note gluten-free options so you might want to just call instead.

Do you know any other restaurants in Chicago that make a decent gluten-free pizza? Leave a comment below and let us know!