March Food Events Calendar

March Food Events Calendar

March is the month that never seems to decide if its loyalties lie with winter or spring. It’s the month where Roman rulers should really beware the ides, and everyone seems surprised if Easter shows up what feels like a month early. If you’re not the type who lets some groundhog decide their plans for this wishy-washy bit between freeze and melt, here are a couple events that might give you enough of a kick in the pants to dig out of the burrow.

March 1-3 and March 8-10: 34th Annual Barrel Tasting — Northern Sonoma County, California

If you happen to find yourself anywhere near the Sonoma Valley on either Barrel Tasting weekend, just stop whatever it is you’re doing and go, because there is pretty much zero chance that it’s better than taking a glass to any one of 100+ wineries and drinking futures to your wino liver’s content. Unless unlimited pours of your choice of soda are your thing, good luck with not pulling the DD short straw (because you’re going to need one).

March 2-3: Maple Syrup Fair — Parke County, Indiana

On the off chance you have ever wondered how that golden liquid you pour on waffles and pancakes is extracted from not particularly sweet-looking trees, prepare for one of life’s mysteries to be solved. Watch as 60 gallons of sap slowly transforms into syrup in a fit of steam and stirring, drive across covered bridges, and take the opportunity to taste all kinds of maple-variety sweets at this Midwestern event.

March 2-3: NYC Vegetarian Food Festival — New York, New York

From makers of everything from chocolates and teas to vegan soaps and apparel, a whole bunch of veggie vendors will be setting up shop under one New York City roof this weekend. If watching others wax herbivorous is more your thing, no fewer than three stages will be hosting talks on health, environment, and other meat-free topics. There’s a kiddie section, too, so feel free to bring the rug rats.

March 9: The Third Annual “Barrel” Festival — San Diego, California

I know when I hear St. Paddy’s day, I think…San Diego? With little other than 50 barrels, some salt, spices, and love, the folks over at Iowa Meat Farms start curing the 5000 pounds of corned beef that make up the centerpiece of this early celebration in January. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a some-1600-year-old saint scaring snakes out of Ireland than with meat that’s been sitting in salt brine for two months.

March 2 & March 22-23: Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival — Atlanta, Georgia; Timonium, Maryland

Just in case you’re curious about whether it’s really possible to have too much of a good thing, the travelling ball of gluttony that is the Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival rolls through Georgia and Maryland in March. The price of admission gets you access to some of the best BBQ around, on top of unlimited tastings of any of 60 beers and 40 bourbons. 40 bourbons. I’m pretty sure I smell vomit.

March 23-24: Texas Onion Fest — Weslaco, Texas

Different towns have different reasons to celebrate. In Weslaco, that reason is a big f—ing onion: The 1015. With a slew of events from live music to what one can only assume is a tear-inducing onion-eating contest, the residents of Weslaco have enshrined the development of this famous onion type with what might be the largest annual tribute to a single strain of aromatic this side of the Mississippi. Maybe the other side, too.

Photos via event websites.