Giving Thanks: 2012 Blogger of the Month Tribute

Giving Thanks: 2012 Blogger of the Month Tribute

In honor of the most grateful month of the year, we’d like to remind our fabulous readers of some of the people who’ve truly shaped the world of food in 2012: our featured bloggers. These awesome, super driven home chefs breathe life into traditions, break molds, and bring culinary creativity into our very own kitchens. Without these guys and gals, some of us might never have the confidence to try our hands (and mouths!) at different techniques, flavors, and cuisines; we might never know how to make the perfect curry, pair wine with just the right dish, or how to get started in molecular gastronomy.

From all of us here at Poor Taste HQ: thanks. For being inspiring, for being daring, for being different, and most of all, for being willing to tell us your stories. We’re truly grateful to have you all as a part of the Poor Taste family.

Anita Chu of Dessert First Girl

With a penchant for personable, dessert-orientated recipes, Pastrygirl, a.k.a. Anita Chu, has sweetly and steadily made a name for herself in today’s dessert world. With a scientific background in computer studies, Chu took a leap of faith and pursued her more palatable passions with success.

Shannalee Mallon of Food Loves Writing

For Shannalee Mallon, author of the blog, writing and cooking seemed to be the perfect partnership. She embarked on her food blogging journey on the one year anniversary of her grandma’s passing, to celebrate her grandma’s fervent love of cooking.

Ram Swaminathan of Sunday Chicken Dinner

A dedicated student by day and passionate food critic and blogger by night, Ram Swaminathan shines in the spotlight as Poor Taste’s March blogger of the month! The author of Sunday Chicken Dinner is a fervent food lover residing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Kathryn Storm of Vegan Hacker SF

User experience designer, technology lover and vegan loyal Kathryn Storm is a multi-talented Bay Area native with a knack for creating, building and sustaining any project she gets her hands on. Now living in Seattle, Ms. Storm consults for the blog Vegan Hacker SF (which she co-founded), a site dedicated to the communal “hacking” of awesome vegan recipes once a month–everything from vegan ravioli to Twinkies and fondue.

Sara Forte of Sprouted Kitchen

Self-taught home chef and blogger Sara Forte knows exactly what it’s like to turn passion into paper; she and her talented photographer husband Hugh turned their collaborative seasonal food blog, Sprouted Kitchen–something that started off as a simple side project–into a stunning book filled with delicious, seasonal recipes and mouthwatering photos.

Mira Mikati of Mira Uncut

“If you don’t play with your food, then what’s the effin point?” Fitting words for Mira Mikati, the witty, badass molecular gastronomy-meets-Middle-Eastern home cook behind Mira Uncut, a blog featuring everything from traditional tabbouleh salad to olive oil powder and lemon foam.

Monique Costello of Fat and Happy

Monique Costello knows food. A former restaurateur and avid home chef, this Chicago blogger has consumed everything from whale fat ice cream to safari-inspired cocktails. Her food blog, Fat and Happy, offers a stunning array of recipes, including chorizo and habanaro cheese-stuffed burgers, toasted macadamia nut and white chocolate ice cream, and frozen caprese cocktails with basil-infused vodka.

Colleen Mahal of A Curry of a Life

After her marriage to a boy from Bombay, Colleen Mahal went from living the life of a small-town coastal girl with no desire to cook to finding her calling as a bi-cultural, increasingly popular home chef and food blogger. Her blog, A Curry of a Life, chronicles the coming together of two intricate cultures and the adventures of this all-American girl as she transforms into a paneer-making, Punjabi Hot Pocket-creating, curry-cooking traveler with a knack for photography, food, and writing.

Header photo from Food Through the Pages. All other photos courtesy of featured bloggers and credited in original articles.