Eat the Week SF: Whiskey Boat and Solar Pie

Eat the Week SF: Whiskey Boat and Solar Pie

1. Lot 7, a new nautical-themed Mission eatery, is serving dollar oysters and Belgian beer between the hours of 3 and 6pm, says Thrillist. Tablehopper tells us that the spot is already popular with locals who take advantage of the $4 wine and $3 beer specials, but 7×7 says, “stick around for some grilled ahi tuna or Dungeness crab mac and cheese from the regular menu.” Good advice.

2. In other oyster news, Eater SFreports that Hog and Rocks is hosting Morrone Mondays, a weekly prix fixe dinner. Players include Hog and Rocks chef Scott Youkilis working the line with George Morrone of the Cliff House, Scott Beattie — formerly of Plum Bar — shaking and pouring cocktail pairings, and Jake Godby of Humphry Slocombe on desserts. They should be selling tickets to this all star lineup!

3. Saison, Folsom Street’s insanely upscale French restaurant, has totally departed from traditional restaurant seating in favor of pre-sale only tickets for every night of the week, reports Inside Scoop. Says Grubstreet, the “upwards of twenty courses menu” costs roughly $600 per person, and yes that includes wine pairings. Apparently, “the idea is to create a fully luxurious experience.”

4. Bauer visited Haven, Daniel Patterson’s second gastronomical eatery in Oakland and wasn’t too impressed. Oh no. His SF Chronicle review last Sunday, though complementary on many things, told us he was confused and thought the staff needed a little more finesse. The East Bay Express, however, was not so gentle with the criticism, saying, “sub-par service; sloppy mistakes; and ornate, fussy dishes that were less than the sum of their parts.”

5. The restaurant chain, Sizzler, is creeping up on the Bay. Sizzler is set to open six new locations in towns like Livermore and Milpitas. Meanwhile the chain is making an appeal to the hip kids by developing a food truck that will roam the streets of Los Angeles, according to Grubstreet. Get your protest signs ready, Berkeley.

6. The foie gras fight continues with Michael Bauer on the side of the duck liver-slinging chefs, much to the disappointment of protesters at Bay Wolf in Oakland. In a recent article, SF’s premier food critic highlighted a larger problem in ethical treatment of animals that won’t be solved by banning foie gras. For example, these chickens, who will get a lobotomy before being boiled to remove the feathers. Just sayin’.

7. Solar Pie? Yes please! Mission Pie is taking a little break from baking to install solar panels to power the SF spot, says SF Weekly. Nice work, folks.

8. Strange laws in Napa and Sonoma have been keeping wineries from having stellar food to pair with the wine during tastings, but some wineries have found a way around the legal maze, says 7×7. These folks boast wood-fired pizzas, demos by Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats, and tours of the gardens where your lunch is grown, literally. Now that is what I call a flight.

9. Proposed legislation in San Francisco will ban food trucks from neighborhoods with schools, reports SF Gate. This is happening just on the wake of the whole ‘pizza is a vegetable’ debacle. So, okay, pizza isn’t a vegetable, but all the talk about food “products” being served to children begs the question, why not let them eat from food trucks?

10. Hey people, a boat full of whiskey is coming to town. No, really. The Annual San Francisco Whiskeys of the World Expo is happening at the end of March. Get your tickets at Thrillist.

Photo Credit: p200eric