Eat the Week SF: Vegans Go Meat

Eat the Week SF: Vegans Go Meat

1. Subway axed its $5 footlong in San Francisco in response to the minimum wage increase that went into effect in January. Subway told Fox that it couldn’t afford to give the deal in SF because of the high cost of living. They will still offer the special sandi of the month for $5, which is tuna with jalapenos. Yum?

2.  Assembly Bill 1678, the bill that would keep food trucks away from schools and out of 80% of San Francisco, was withdrawn this week for supposed revision, says SF Weekly, although the author of the bill, Bill Monning, thinks food trucks close to schools is still a pressing issue. Huffington Post has photos of some of the city’s favorite trucks in action.

3. Neil Young’s son, Ben Young has an organic egg farm, Coastside Ranch, with very special and amazing eggs, says SF Gate. Young’s eggs fly off the shelf and his business is enjoying great success in spite of Young’s cerebral palsy.

4. Hot Bike is making mobile food more sustainable, by biking it around the city. Rock the Bike is helping design the vehicle, which will have a propane stove for outside ventures and electric for indoors.

5. Grass-fed is the new vegan. Many vegans are now putting their mouth where there money is and supporting animal-friendly farms.

6. Thrillist talked to the lovelies at the new Penthouse in North Beach this week. One of the ladies downed a beef slider during the interview.

7. SF food critic Michael Bauer added only 15 restaurants to the SF Chronicle’s Top 100 list this year. Newbies State Bird Provisions and Outerlands made the cut.

8. Charlie Hallowell of Pizzaiolo and the Boot and Shoe Service has been giving out more details about his new East Bay spot in the works. Diablo reports that although the place won’t have pizza, it will be open until last call and the wood fire will be cooking up yummy meats. If you still have a hankering for pizza, the Boot and Shoe Service is right across the street.

9. Zero Zero is unveiling barrel-aged negronis. And if you swig two a day it might keep you healthy says Grubstreet.

10. Brown Sugar Kitchen is one of the East Bay’s favorite spots for Southern food, but the only thing missing is BBQ. Not to worry. B-Side BBQ, chef Tanya Holland’s newest venture, is here to save your craving, says East Bay Express.