Eat the Week SF: Foie, Your Days are Numbered

Eat the Week SF: Foie, Your Days are Numbered

1. While you are swigging free wine and munching on $70 Michelin-starred dinners in the hills of the North Bay for Napa Valley Restaurant Month, food pros are tasting all the latest industry inventions at the annual San Francisco Fancy Food Show. Tablehopper tells us that places such as Cosentino Winery are offering free wine tastings (with chocolate pairing), and lunch, dinner, and hotel prices in Napa take a plunge with the mention of “restaurant month”. Meanwhile, wine-flavored cheeses and bacon-flavored lollipops are hitting the palates of the pros in San Francisco — the Fancy Food Show is only for those associated with the food industry, according to the Examiner.

2. Paprikas, peppercorns and seasonings of all varieties fill the senses and the shelves at Oaktown Spice Shop. And, according to KQED, the spices are fresher and the prices are lower than specialty food markets like Whole Foods. The two owners are walking spice encyclopedias. Daily Candy calls them the “Willy Wonka of spices.”

3. One of the first restaurants run by a deaf couple, Mozzeria, opened in the Mission last month, according to Grubstreet. The two celebrate a packed house nightly with their wood-fired pizzas, and the restaurant has become a hip hub for the Bay Area deaf community, says SF Gate.

4. Food and Wine Magazine lists best vegetarian recipes by Bay Area chef Annie Somerville. Just in time for New Year’s dieting, the recipes are lighter and “not trying to compensate for its lack of meat.” And if we hurry, we can enjoy these delicate dishes alongside foie gras before the statewide ban sets in.

5. San Francisco is cheap and easy — whoops, I meant free and bottomless. 7×7 lists places to get free and bottomless booze, and David Chang shows us on Inside Scoop SF, how to swig it (bourbons that is) saying that the super cheap Old Granddad isn’t bad at all. If you need a little kick in the pants after all that drinking, you can hit up the new coffee and beer bar, The Social Study, where you can get Guinness, Four Barrel espresso, and chocolate sauce all in one cup.

6. The Wild Kitchen calms down even more this month. The renegade, un-permitted, $90 chefs choice dinners are now legal and à la carte, according to the Bay Citizen. Single items range from $9 to $23, but there is a $6 beer “corkage” fee.

7. Some Cafe Gratitude locations will stay open, says the Bay Citizen. The raw food restaurant chain resolved their financial problems and is enjoying great popularity in Hollywood. Go figure.

8. The owner of Oakland restaurant Mua was fined $2000 for lending his empty lot to food trucks for lunch. Suspected neighbor complaints may have been why the city shut down a one-truck daily event on private property in Oakland. East Bay Express quotes a customer saying, “Why does Oakland hate food trucks?”

9. Potala Organic Cafe is giving the East Bay a good reason to go macrobiotic with $3.95 menu items and well-dressed salads. Everything is vegan, organic and, well, most of it has flavor, according to the East Bay Express.

10. The new Easy Lounge opens, sans dance floor, dark furniture, and sleazy meat market vibes. Hip libations, yummy bar snacks, and thoughtful details (purse hooks?) make it a whole new Easy, says East Bay Express.

Photo Credit: David Monniaux