Eat the Week: Michael Jordan Opens a New Spot, Bravo Starts a New Show, and New Things to Try With Cherries

Eat the Week: Michael Jordan Opens a New Spot, Bravo Starts a New Show, and New Things to Try With Cherries

1. The Chicago Tribune tweeted something pretty ominous Wednesday: “Putting final touches on Thursday’s Dining cover story, which will draw more angry e-mails than any stories we’ve ever done or ever will do.” Beware Chicagoans, you might have a heart attack when you read it.

2. It looks like Bravo is adding to its food-oriented lineup with a new culinary adventure show.  The working title is Around the World in 80 Plates, according to Eater.  Here’s to hoping that chefs travel the world in hot air balloons.

3. There’s something about cherries that screams summertime, especially with both sour and sweet ones taking center stage at the farmers markets around town.  Time Out Chicago gives cherry lovers two recipes to try, one for sweet and one for sour.  Both sound “cherry”iffic.

4. Want to know what some of your favorite writers like to nosh one while working?  Would you guess that vinegar, lime popsicles and cold toast are the choice for some of the top literary minds?  The New York Times found some of the best and created a poster-worthy sketchbook of its discoveries.

5. Michael Jordan is back in Chicago.  Not with the Bulls, but with a new restaurant bearing his name. With the opening set for sometime this month, the restaurant has a new contest.  Grubstreet Chicago has the details and well as a preview menu.

6. Who doesn’t love a fun picnic?  There’s just something so charming about eating outdoors among the mosquitos and pollen.  Just kidding.  To find the best bread for your basket, take some advice from The Feast with its list of top 10 best bread bakeries.

7. In the ever-expanding world of restaurants, even the bathrooms are getting noticed.  The Chicagoist asked the staff, in an admittedly strange request, to rate restaurant bathrooms in town.  McDonald’s didn’t make the cut, but check out which five did.

8. Summer is code for drinking, and there are three upcoming beverage events to quench your thirst.  Gaper’s Block has rounded up three local events to check out.  From free to $45, there’s something for everyone.

9. If drinking isn’t for you, do a dinner crawl instead of a pub crawl.  Andersonville is gearing up for the Taste of Andersonville Dinner Crawl on August 17.  312 Dining Diva details the three routes.  Looks like a tough decision to make.

10. Picking a whole melon can be downright intimidating.  There are plenty of wives tales but the Chicago Sun-Times has the 411 from a real expert.  From shape to color and spotting, it’s all right there.  You might want to print this to take to the store as a handy piece of advice.

Photo by Make Way For Cupcakes.