Eat the Week: First Freshly-Baked Piroshki Shop, Kelly's Mission Rock to Close, Oakland Parklet Stolen, New Taco Bike, Vegas on Market

Eat the Week: First Freshly-Baked Piroshki Shop, Kelly’s Mission Rock to Close, Oakland Parklet Stolen, New Taco Bike, Vegas on Market

1. San Francisco’s first freshly-baked piroshki shop, Anda Piroshki, opened this Thursday in Bernal Heights multi-vendor indoor marketplace, 331 Cortland. Anda Piroshki, a La Cocina Incubator product, will sell $4 piroshkis stuffed with beef and cheese, cheesy potato and onions, or  mushrooms and rice.

2. Oakland had a big first recently too: the debut of pedal-powered street food — El TacoBike. It’s the first legal and permitted warm food bicycle in Oakland. As Oakland North mentioned, it serves both tacos de canasta (steamed tacos) and tortas diabolicas (meatball sandwiches), something on the menu for everyone — within biking distance.

3. But the business world can’t all be momentousness restaurant openings and exciting vendor debuts. Some sad news this week: Kelly’s Mission Rock is set to close. And the shuttering will be quick. The waterfront nightclub was supposed to host the annual Juanita More! post-pride party in late June, that event has been moved to the Phoenix Hotel.

4.  The Chronicle declared this week that San Francisco cocktail culture is officially back. In honoring the 2011 Bar Stars, the Chron writes, “As San Francisco’s restaurant economy has rebounded, the bar culture has followed suit. Cocktail bars have returned.” Stars include Kevin Diedrich of the Burritt Room and Morgan Young of 15 Romolo, among others. Thank the booze gods. Celebrate and imbibe, citizens.

5. As reported by SFist, Actual Cafe was robbed of its parklet last week, so the search is on (Facebook) this week. The cafe explained how it all went down in a blog post. In other parklet news, a new one is under construction in San Francisco on Fulton at Divisadero, just outside Cafe Abir and Tsunami Sushi Bar restaurant and Corkage Sake and Wine Shop.

6. SFoodie’s John Birdsall is no longer SFoodie’s. He returned to his former food culture stomping grounds this week as food columnist at the East Bay Express. Birdsall’s post announcing the change and his new blog What the Fork made instant waves throughout the Bay Area food blogging world, with congratulatory posts flying up on all major sites. Jesse Hirsch, another SFoodie scribe tweeted: “within 5 seconds, Mr. Birdsall’s announcement reached me in 17 different ways.”

7.  It’s been a hot topic of debate this spring, but this week the assembly voted to ban the sale of shark fin. The bill (AB376) bans the sale, trade or possession of shark fin. The Assembly approved the bill 60-8.

8. Fuel got its liquor license — and it shall soon bring “a bit of Vegas” to Market Street, Eater SF headlined this week. Hopefully it will bring the glitz and excess, leave the indoor smoking and stale buffets.

9. After 25 years, the Oprah Winfrey show came to end this week. And San Francisco honored this inspirational occasion, naturally, with cocktails. SFoodie went on a bar crawl sipping Winfey’s drink of choice, the Moscow Mule, all about town — the Elbo Room, the Tipsy Pig, Hog & Rocks, Heaven’s Dog, and Café Des Amis.

10. Chez Panisse chef Aaron Rocchino and his wife Monica will open an artisan butcher shop this summer, Berkeleyside reported.  The Local Butcher Shop will be on Cedar Street in the old Red Hanger Kleaners space.

Photo: Dara Kerr/ Oakland North