DIY Ice Cream Man: Flavors Guaranteed to Satisfy

DIY Ice Cream Man: Flavors Guaranteed to Satisfy

There is one sound of summer than can instantly transport me back to childhood. It isn’t lawnmowers or sprinklers, but the tinny, scratchy songs of the ice cream truck. The sound of a toy piano plunking along with a random bell or triangle ting instantly makes me want to ask my mother for a handful of change and run outside, ready to shout my order. And while ice cream is a treat to enjoy any time of year, it feels a bit more special on a hot summer day when you’ve entered the race to eat it all before it turns into soup.

In the past we’ve made ice cream in a bag and fancy ice pops, but let’s see what we can do to expand our repertoire and become our own ice cream man.Once you’ve mastered making your own ice cream, the next step is making your own frozen yogurt. This recipe from 101 Cookbooks calls for high quality whole milk yogurt, sugar, and a splash of vanilla. If you’ve been searching for the perfect orange sherbet recipe — I’ve got you covered. 

Needing a place to put all that ice cream? Break free from the bowl and start crafting your own cones; try almond-scented tuile cones or sturdy waffle cones.

Maybe you’re more of a treats on sticks person, which I can dig. Grab those sticks and create fantastic fudgesicles, mango push up pops, strawberry-blood orange creamsicles, or any flavor of pudding pop.Perhaps you like sandwiches; I think that’s pretty cool. Maybe you want to opt for a classic ice cream sandwich or maybe you are like me and constantly crave that other San Francisco treat, the It’s-It. I’m convinced it was created by angels. An ice cream sandwich made of oatmeal cookies surrounding ice cream flavors in vanilla, mint, or cappuccino. The whole shebang is then dipped in dark chocolate. It’s pure heaven. Yes, you can make your own. Or, if you feel like getting extra, extra fancy, you could make this balsamic strawberry ice cream with dark chocolate cookies for a high falutin’ ice cream sandwich.

For some, the perfect summer treat from the ice cream man doesn’t even involve ice cream. These are the folks who crave their own Mr. Misty’s, that ubiquitous Dairy Queen concoction. Wait — I’ve just been informed they are now called “Arctic Rush.” Regardless of the name change, shave ice is shave ice. Find your perfect flavor and get to mixing using any of these combinations.

And last but not least, for anyone looking for a little extra kick in the pants when it comes to sweet treats, throw a scoop of your favorite ice cream into a creamy oatmeal stout or porter. Think coffee, vanilla, chocolate, or even praline ice creams.

Hip, hip hooray for the start of summer everyone!

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