Lion’s Pride

Few months ago my best friend Alex Richardson opened a restaurant near baker high school. It was the same school where we both studied. We both were very good at athletics, netball and were also part of basketball camp, gymnastics summer camps & football camp. We had formed a rock band at that time with four other guys. I am looking after my farm these days and also controlling a gym at city. We both are members of academy alumni association. I am thinking of buying a clothing and apparel shop. Sometimes I also think of going into apartments business. So I wanted to have consultation with Alex about this.

For some days he has been very busy due to restaurant business so I didn’t disturb him. I planned to call on him after a week or so. Then I went to his home. We discussed about the problems that may come in business, It was decided that I have to go for Clothing a apparel hop. Then we had a coffee and started talking about some other things. After some time he told me that he had discovered a wonderful online slot machine named Lion’s pride and he wanted me to check it out. So I tried it. This pokie had a theme of African safari. Lion, Lioness and cub are main symbols, zebra and deer are other symbols. Scatter symbol is African mask and Lion’s pride logo is wild symbol.

It is a five reel and 100 payline slot machine. Hence the winning combinations are found more frequently. Highest jackpot of 1250 coins is scored with 5 wilds on reels. Three or more scatters enables up to 25 free spins. After each free spin you will be awarded a multiplier of 2X, 3X, 5X or 10X randomly. So there is no huge jackpot but the probability of winning combination is much more and that is what makes this game interesting play. I have become fan of this game because of the extraordinary graphics depicting African wild safari beauty. Lion’s pride is the thing for you if you want steady winnings instead of huge jackpots.

Life’s a Beach

This March I had to attend a music event. Britney Spears was performing there. She is my favorite singer. I even remember lyrics of all her songs. I follow her blog regularly. I think she looks really good in bikini even better than Kardashians. I am a family guy and I love to watch movie. I also have interest in novel. My family loves entertainment and we watch full episodes of our favorite series. I also play GTA san andreas with my son. So I took my family to event. It was really hot that day. My wife did a lot of shopping. She bought a hat and necklace. Then we got into the line of ticket.

It was very long line. I started surfing facebook on my mobile phone. Then I got bored after some time. After that I went to play microgaming online slot machines. I surfed through different pokies and decided to play Life’s a beach. I hadn’t been to beach in a long time so I thought it will lighten me up. This is a five reel, 25 payline pokie. From which you have to make winning combinations. This can be played for free and money both. The stakes level is such that you can comfortably afford. The jackpot is huge i.e. 12000 coins. The common symbols are umbrella, stereo, glasses, ace, king, queen, jack, 10 & 9. Wild symbol is beach babe and scatter symbol is lifeguard. 3 scatters will trigger bonus round along with credits.

The bonus game is simple. You have to pick 4 of six umbrellas to reveal prize. Life’s a beach is one of the online slot machines offering huge jackpot. So if you haven’t been to beach for a long time and you want to brighten your day with chinks of money then Life’s beach is the thing for you.

Karate pig

I was in school at that time when I put my name in the list of swimming competition for the first time. I had been trained for swimming but never got myself in any kind of competition before but this time it was different i wanted to win the cash prize of 10000 bucks that could have made my life easier. I searched for a coach but did not found any good one. In my search later on I found a man named Kashnikov. This man was talented to beat out anyone in swimming but in an accident he lost half of his body and became paralyzed. I knew from the first time that only this man can help me in my swimming coaching. But when I asked him for that he refused and said he was of no good, actually he lost the confidence after that accident.

I started going to his place daily and in the end he abused me and I sat on his door playing an online game named karate pig this game was ultimate in casino games because of its unraveling graphics and all the effects making it look like a true struggle. It consists of five reels and lines of slots from which you have to make out the combination that will make you win the game with a jackpot.

He saw me playing that and came to me and asked what it was, after listening to that he also played the pokey due to attracted by its features and we played that slot whole evening. The next evening I went to him he was ready to coach me for the swim.

I win that contest after a week of training from him and I remember that this game was the only turning point that made him changed.

Jurassic jackpot

I was there when I saw the twin tower turning into dust in front of me on television. That time I was in college with my friends. We were all shocked at that moment what had happened. Everyone could not move from his place after the news. Then I decided to do something about it. I still remember that day when I had my eyes filled with tears and I could not have done anything about it.

I went to the navy seals for the sake of country and got myself into army as a sniper. I was good at shooting from the very beginning and when in the search of Osama bin laden we went to Iraq and the war begins where I had to proof myself worth for the country. Being a good shooter I saved so many lives of our soldiers and killed almost 170 terrorist in the whole war and when the war ended I came back home but I was not normal. I could not have sleep in nights and there were nightmares that had wake me in the middle of night the pale faces of people I had killed in the war. I went to a psychiatrist but that does not seem to be a good idea. The war was all over my head at that time and my neighbor one day took to me to his home and showed this really amazing game that was named Jurassic jackpot which was a three reels slot game with ultimate graphics of dinosaurs and creatures that could have make anyone furious. Forgot all my problems that day playing that game and had too much fun.

I still remember that day from when I started that pokey more often and all my problems went away.

ISIS Pokie

Last month a friend of mine was supposed to visit me at home. He was coming for the first time in Australia. I had taken leave for the day and was waiting for him. I was watching TV with my children. I switched to a news channel; there was news about terrorist attacks in Iraq.

As it was very common terrorists were performing various atrocities in different part of world. There are bombings and explosion everyday. People are being killed and death toll is too much. These groups are hiring professional fighters and casualties are more than ever before. I had seen a documentary, which showed them committing genocide and holding hostages. They have huge funding and nobody knows what the solution of problem is.

I changed the channel and the children started watching cartoon. After some time Peter arrived. We started talking about the business he was here for. Then we started discussing about various other things; then he showed me his business plan on his laptop. When he finished that I saw a link of online slot machine on his desktop. I asked him about that then he told that it was his favorite pokie ISIS. I asked me if I can try. He said why not. So I started playing it and it was really a hell of a pokie. It is like a rollercoaster. Some winning are very small and some are huge. So you need to be of strong heart to play this. It offers a 30 free spin bonus round with 6X multiplier. Wouldn’t that be amazing guys? For this you will need three scatter symbols minimum on the reel which is purple birds. It is a five reel, 25 payline slot game and jackpot is huge of 10000 coins which van be get if you get five ISIS logos on reel.

So if you are looking for a slot machine which will turn your heartbeat in moments then ISIS is the pokie for you. You can get real lucky.

Play Multiplayer No Worries Game

If you love gambling and you want to play Australians best pokie which was made by the microgaming is Multiplayer No Worries pokies. This one is based on the Australian theme and with this player can play as a multiplayer game. This machine gives you the feature to the player that he can compete against another player who will be playing it.

It is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot machines and it offers to play it free or you also can play with real money. Playing online is the best because there you can choose your room and there you will get extra bonus or free chances of playing, but platinum play gives a chance to play it free and through which you will get a hefty bonus.

If you will hit three or more images successfully then you will be able to unlock the free spins feature. Like this is a multiplayer game so in this more than one player can bet or play and if he/she hit the jackpot then top ten players can share it. But in this post I would surely give you one advice when you will be play pokie that always play in a limit because sometime you can lose as well.

The best part about these slots players can play together without any worries and can make fun with your friends and family. So personally I love the multiplayer concept in the machine and give me the chance to win money with my lovely wife. So play safe and use internet as for you good, and avoid playing over.